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Danger of Free Sex and result

Free Sex and danger result , Free Sex or tekenal with free sex is not foreign to today. Dangers of casual sex is no longer as susceptible to sensitize the actors free sex. Well through this article the author would like to return presents dangers and consequences of free sex free sex. Hopefully after reading this there will be no sex. If you want sex? marriage yeah/...... hahahhauch
Danger of Free Sex and result

sek bebas dan akibat nya
1. Some are ready to go to such diseases, herpes, HIV Aids, King of the lion, and other diseases. You see some diseases that can not be cured right?.
2. Pregnant outside of marriage will lead to new problems, when you were in college or school of course your parents will be very upset with you. And you are afraid to be honest with your parents and your spouse, you finally decide to make a new sin is abortion.
3. If you get married at a young age, the problems you face are not ready to come, such as the financial issues, customs issues, children issues.
4. The family name be tarnished by your attitude. Your family will face a problem that you created when you get the bad effects of the sex is.
5. If you are pregnant and your partner do not want to be responsible, what would you do?. There will be many bad thoughts that will bother you. As suicidal, irrational thinking that resulted in mental or crazy.

Sexual behavior is considered to violate the norms are not new. In some metropolitan cities some teenagers have started "Esek Esek", although mostly in secret. Indeed sexual activities that are considered out of control is often perceived as a threat. Because it was used as a talking sex again by some experts.
However, during this time, what is meant by free sex was rarely discussed in detail. Is pre-marital sex with free sex. Are all forms of sexual abuses by the norm to say sex?
Did someone have sex when one is not married can call, free sex?
Are women potbellied at her wedding just for having sex with one person can be said to have berseks free and likened to a man who had been out of bed in the other basket with some women?
During this time, the so-called sex-controlled, based on religion and civilization, is sex with one person after marriage. Sex outside of marriage is often associated with casual sex with an uncivilized act, does man have control, got discouraged and culture.
Therefore, it does not consider itself civilized man, lust sex became something rational, grounded laws and controls. But even animals can mate without marriage, forms and practices can not be separated from the control. If the law and the control is considered as a culture and society that are not primitive indicates, the animal had to have one law. And the law of the jungle is the law of the civilized world. Because if the law of the jungle is not obeyed, the food chain would be messy. Ecology will be destroyed.

Even animals do not recognize marriage also have mating rules. They will not mate at random. They do it at certain seasons and also has rules and ceremonies are quite elaborate in sex. A pair of peacock, for example, have been searching for some time prior to mating.
So, not only sexual desire, but the controls and the law was part of instinct as well. That's why, as the continuing control and law in human life, sex naluritas should also receive attention. However, the emphasis in human life today is the control and the law will lust sex. As if the control and the law is irrational. And so, it was able to control and master the law and beyond sexual lust. The result is a completely rigid sexual rules involving moral condemnation for the offenders.

Rumble Conservative
Dangers of casual sex can indeed be daunting. And the danger of casual sex is often discussed and mentioned. However, condemnation of all, forms of sex and sex ban would also pose a stodgy other risks are discussed. Because sex is a necessity of human instincts, strict control of sex will actually lead to thieves. As well as eating less people would steal and people with less money will be stolen. Of steal-steal this, especially from the disadvantaged women.

Women can be detected keperawananya easily. They have a hymen. Thus the story of a man who complained corpulent wife karen had no webbed virgin on the first night. Then the man? They can only be a good thief. Running without a trace and without risk. And could pretend to be a man who 'civilized' again after the steal.
Women can get pregnant. Therefore, sex is used as an example by one of the experts is time potbelly married. Was used as the female attention., However, is not in the man's belly is also investing?
The result is the availability of two contrasting definitions for women: women chaste and slut. Holy woman is a woman who did not marry before marriage and faithful husband until death. Women who are "gituan" before marriage can not be called sacred anymore, even though she may act like it was just the one person in her life. Because the definition of what distinguishes the two extremes only women, women who want to "such things" before marriage sometimes generalized. Slut, Binal. Could be invited to play.
In fact, women who have sex outside of marriage with some people, can be a loving and faithful wife to her husband. Women who have had sex with several men not directly be called a slut. Could be, the women having sex with men is based on love. And a slut or a whore was not automatic so women are free to use.

Women who are not virgins so easy to condemn himself. The raped women will suffer more due to losing his life inner "crown" meraka. And because stealing is stealing, illegal abortions occur everywhere. Since abortion was legalized, but women get pregnant before marriage rarely get moral support.
Sexual arousal is the beauty of sex. Like the beauty of the singing and reading poetry. After all a man can not be separated from animalistic instinct. Therefore, a virgin at Saman also said how he wanted to be birds' mating so familiar lust ". Maybe if sexual desire is no longer be heard, Ayu Utami will stop writing.

I think porn sites on the Internet that easily spreads rapidly and a lot in interest by lovers of sex.
As for that, the development can not be stopped,
although common sense, they can make the youth of the world to be destroyed, and many people infected with HIV firus.
deployment because it semuwa porn sites that spread widely among internet lovers.
many students who have already done the usual thing done by adults, namely, sex, or who is often called ML by young people today.
they assume all of them are things that are common, begins with kissing, hugging and touching and eventually like it.
many women in this world who is not a virgin anymore, it happens because of curiosity youth with open porn sites.
they do not know if all of it could jeopardize all of the spread of viruses that harm them.
lack of knowledge about the science of sex in school can also cause the plajar not know the dangers of free sex.
juaga and many students end their lives because they do not want to bear the shame the disgrace he had brought due to free sex.
It is unfortunate if teens are exposed to dangerous diseases.
JAKARTA - free sex among teenagers especially in Bekasi concern. The indication, every year there are one or two cases of pregnancy out of wedlock. According to the Chairman of the Foundation Drupadi, Agustian, on the sidelines of the dangers of drug abuse prevention education and reproductive illness for adolescents, Saturday (29) evening.
He added, though no exact number of teens having sex free, every year in high school (SMA) and vocational schools (SMK) in District Taruma-jaya, Bekasi, found cases of teenage pregnancy without marriage.
Backed up his concerns, residents Villa Setia Pearl Ivory Asih Tarumajaya Bekasi district, any events that extension. "We expect teens will understand so as to keep the reproductive organs and can prevent free sex and avoid drugs," Agus said.
Adolescent Reproductive Health Program Coordinator of the Society of Perinatology Indonesia (Perinasia), the Supreme Witjaksono, saying the same thing. "In my private practice in Jakarta, there is a quarterly unwanted teen pregnancy," said Agung. Court said, there are some things that most endanger due to sex, the dangers of venereal diseases, such as HIV / AIDS and syphilis. Syphilis can only be known through laboratory testing, ie serol-having psychological examination of the blood or venereal Disease Research Laboratory test (VDRL).
"Syphilis was staged primary, secondary, and tertiary, cure already exists, but it is difficult and costly hundreds of thousands and even up to Rp 1 million," said Agung. It is unfortunate if teens are exposed to dangerous diseases caused by casual sex. Agung said concern because there are many schools that do not think the explanation about sex education, especially the dangers of casual sex is important.
Solid high school curriculum, said Court, making the teacher does not have a bit of free sex waktuuntuk explain the dangers of it. "Unlike 10 or 15 years ago, on the sidelines of a high school teacher learning could provide an understanding of sex education to their students," said Agung just before delivering the material.
PR Drupadi Foundation, H Masud, said curiosity and ignorance about teens abusing drugs can make them his,. In addition, the pregnancy due to sex will tend to lead to abortion activities. "Drugs and sex have made teenage disobedience leads to a high level," said Masud.
He says it makes parents become restless. Thus, outreach activities should be conducted to support the youth morally and in terms of the health review. At an event attended by about 200 teenagers from youth clubs and school district as it is packed with performances Tarumajaya music. Simple ceremony on the badminton court blocks C Villa Pearl Ivory jtu just use the stage size 3 × 3.
While the participants were just sitting on the mat with lit some torches.
A resident, Siti Rahma (34), said the event is very useful to increase the knowledge of parents and teens. "Although the show is simple, we can know the dangers of sex and drugs so that our children do not become victims," ​​she said. Teens who attend look eager attention to the explanation given by the tutor of Police Tarumajaya and Perinasia. ed C32 utomo

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